Posted by: management2008 | ตุลาคม 26, 2008

Time Management by Thai reliant

วันนี้เอาบทความที่เคยเขียนลงวารสารของบริษัท…มาให้อ่านกันเล่นๆ เผื่อจะช่วยทุกท่านบริหารเวลาได้ดีขึ้น

Do you manage time…or does time manage you? It’s a simple question, but difficult to answer.Management is important for all of us because scarcity and unequal of resources. But we have one resource that anonymous for everyone. It’s time which everyone have 24 hours a day, but we have difference ways to manage them.

This article have some things that each of us can do to help ourselves manage our time more effectively. Effective time management is a conscious decision where we decide what is important and then plan our time and our lives around these things.

The key is to use proactive thinking. Don’t wait and let time make its demands on you. First decide what you will do with your time. What are my values and my goals? Where do I want to end up? What is truly important to me? What actions do I need to take to make things happen?

However, there are no time management tools that work for everyone all of the time. Instead, we need to decide what works best for us, as an individual, at this point in time. Do we need to schedule better? Do we work more productively in the morning? What will work for me…now?

Thai reliant gives us key points which help ourselves to manage our time efficiently, that is balancing and respect our lives. That is we are not meant to concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of all else. We need to make sure that we give ourselves time for relaxation, for exercise, for friends, and for fun. These are critical parts of the “whole” person. And without taking care of ourselves, we do not have the energy that we need to take care of the demands on our time.



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